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Our Advisory Board

Meet the incredible group that makes the Mental Health Matters program possible!

Ashlee Kleveland

Community Mental Health Coordinator for the City of Grand Forks

"We all have mental health. You can’t get around it. However, we can change the way we think and speak about it when all is not well. It’s okay to not always be okay; we just need the right tools and a little encouragement to make a change. One small change can make a huge difference for someone else."

Geoff Gaukler

"I recognize that everyone will go through many ups and downs during their lifetime and I genuinely love to listen, support, and help people through the difficult times in addition to celebrating the progress that they make.  I have found that my work as a former school counselor and now in my current role as our school district's mental health coordinator, combined with my involvement with the Mental Health Matters collaborative makes that all possible."

District Mental Health Coordinator for Grand Forks Public Schools

Greta Silewski

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Zachary Ista

 "Mental health occupies a large portion of my work portfolio and is a major underlying factor in so much of the criminal activity occurring in our county.  I want to work with this group to help connect people with needed treatment and other services before they land in the criminal justice system."

Assistant State's Attorney for Grand Fork County

Moriah Opp

Suicide Prevention Administrator at ND Department of Human Resources

"I wanted to work in mental health because I want to help others feel connected and less alone."

Catherine Gillach

Assistant Superintendent at Grand Forks Public Schools

"I want to be involved with mental health as it is the foundation for all wellness in my opinion, and one of the least understood human factors. I am an educator and believe knowledge is power; we need to educate ourselves and others on the importance of understanding and promoting mental wellness, and supporting individuals who are struggling as one united, caring community."

Justin O'Neill

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Melanie Neumann

TEARS Coordinator at Altru Health System

"I wanted to get involved in mental health as I enjoy working with people. I wanted to learn more about how people work and what makes them do what they do. Even more importantly, I wanted to learn how I can help them get through challenges. So, I made the decision to go into the psychology field and became a therapist."

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Courtney Caron

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Michael Dulitz

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Anna Ojczyk

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David Terry

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Ken Carlson

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