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Family Activites

Family Resources

Here are a few activities you can do as a family to try and improve your loved one's mental health. 

Board Games 

Here are a few more resources families can use to have a better understanding of mental health.

Mental Health 101

Board games can be a helpful tool to keep kids engaged in social settings and connect in new ways. Click here to learn more about ways board games can be utilized to improve mental health.

Mental health 101 is an educational resource that can be utilized by caregivers to gain a deeper understanding on how to handle situations with their children. Click here to get started.

Creative Mindfulness

Mindfulness activities can be useful for children to practice their anger management skills. Click here to learn more about which activities can be useful.

Depression Awareness

Depression for Families is a great resource that focuses on educating caregivers on how to provide effective, constructive support to those living with depression or mood disorders. Click here for more information.


Being able to express your feelings by journaling can be an effective way of improving mental health. Click here for journaling prompts to get you started.

Anxiety Coping Skills

Many people struggle with anxiety, Identifying what coping skills work best for you is extremely important. Click here to explore different ways you can practice coping skills with your children.

Self- awareness/Empathy

Empathy is a taught emotion. Teaching children from a young age is extremely vital in their social-emotional development. Click here for a great mini lesson that teaches empathy and self-awareness.

Substance Abuse

SAMHSA provides a variety of resources for families struggling with substance abuse. Click here to find more information about SAMHSA.


Grandfamilies offers great resources that can be extremely beneficial to grandfamilies seeking help. Click here for more information. 

Families of LGBTQ+ Youth

This website is an outstanding resource for caregivers who have a child that is part of the LGBT community, it offers resources on how to support them best. Click here to go directly to their resource page. 

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